Venture capital and coaching for sustainable success

Start ups and ventures in the early stages of business development need competent and high-performance partners who can support them with capital and dedicated advice to implement their set up, research and development process for innovative products, services and business concepts.

Based on our many years of entrepreneurial partnership experience in the most diverse branches of business, we are confident we will be able to drive your ideas to success with specialist knowledge and venture capital.

We want to help businesses with high potential for innovation and creative ideas to research, finance and mentor their projects from the beginning to a successful end. Your company’s success is our ultimate goal!


We finance your ideas

In order to realise sustainable and innovative ideas, more capital is often needed than can be covered by your own personal funding or the typical banking models.

We take a share in your company, providing you with venture and shareholder capital to finance your start-up, development costs, marketing expenditures and business growth.

Venture capital can be used in different development phases of your business. ‘Seed Funding’ is financial backing right from the very beginning of the business, for product development and creation of a sustainable business plan. ‘Start-up Funding’ aids the first marketing activities and product sales. ‘Expansion Funding’ is for businesses already in the growth and expansion phase, and is used, for example, to increase the production capacity or the enhancement of a product.


With our knowledge, we can show you how

We don’t just want to financially back the success of a promising business, we would also like to pass on our business knowledge and expertise, to mentor promising business founders and to develop and grow a business together with you.
Our Business Angels service is most important for those businesses with high market and growth potential. We dedicate ourselves right from the very early stages of founding your business.


Benefit from our network

We have an extensive network, built up during our many years of international business experience. We offer fast and direct access to experts and opinion leaders in a diverse range of industries and countries. International assignments have contributed to our broad intercultural knowledge and experience.

We can support entrepreneurs with project management and coaching, governance, business foundation experience and financing the growth of your business professionally, efficiently and with the necessary expertise.


Shareholder capital for established businesses

We also offer support for established businesses to expand their portfolio through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), partnership and management support for successful realisation and implementation of their acquisitions and/or shareholders.